Me and some of my handmade dolls

Beatrix Potter

My name is Sara Neves and I am a 44 year old illustrator living in Lisbon. I have always loved drawing but never thought that one day I would do it professionally.


 Throughout my life I’ve worked in different areas, but the English language has always been present: I was a journalist, an English teacher and translator until I decided to dedicate myself to making my own handmade dolls and write and illustrate my children stories. This project of mine is called ‘CottonCandy’s Family’ and you can have more info on it here.




My inspiration is without a doubt Beatrix Potter, the English writer and illustrator (1866-1943) who has created several famous characters among them ‘Peter Rabbit’. She inspires me with her love for nature, her attention to detail, the way she gives life to her animal characters and the fact that regardless of her age she has always stayed young at heart.


I love nature, animals, art, music, writing and literature and I have a blog where I write about all forms of art and interview others artists too.

My work is done mainly in watercolour, pencil and pen but also in acrylics on canvas.

I’ve done several commissions for private clients - for college papers, family and pet portraits, for example - have illustrated a couple of picture books, been featured in ‘Calm’ Magazine and illustrated various books for solidarity projects to help children in need.

I have published a children's book called 'Amadora com História' which has been written and illustrated by me and it is about the history of this city. If you wish to buy this book or to have more info on it, please click here.


I also visit schools to talk about my work as an author/illustrator and organise illustration workshops for children too.

For commissions you can contact me via the contact form here on the website or via email at


One of my illustrations featured at 'Calm' magazine

Cover of the children's book I have written and illustrated 'Amadora com História'

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